E Y E S   ON   F I R E     


Naturally, no spectacular look is complete without an amazing purse. Again Valkova's characteristic functionality, multi look and custom designs help liberate the exciting, unapologetically confident and busy women of the 21'st century, who will remain looking stylish, effortless and perfect even in their travels.
                                                                               All Single Special Edition!!!
                          Hand Crafted from sand blasted sheep leather, sourced from the Balkan mountain
                                                                            Chocolate So Gali- $4.500

Tattoo So Gali-$7.500                                                                                               Tattoo Borjoa So Gali-$7.500

Prolet Orage So Gali $3.200
Prolet  Cerna So Gali $3.200


You will look fantastic

wearing one of these beautiful purses and

you cane also transform this elegance- accessory to

a stylish carryon bag for short trips.

Odesa Cerna  Pletena- So Gali $4.500

Odesa Choko- Kroko So Gali $4.500

Odesa Zelena Romboid -So Gali $4.500

Odesa Cerna- Olala So Gali $4.500